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Alhamdulillaha,  Z.A. Islamia P.G. College has been an ideal institution not only of Siwan but also J.P.University, Chapra. Since its first say of inception it has been going ahead and ahead from Inter standard to Degree College and from Degree College to P.G. College with various branches of technical and vocational courses. In fact, our college, in reality, is translation  of a dream, a cherished dream of M.N. Ahmad Ghani Sb. , the  founder secretaty who is no more among us physically but spiritual and inspirational  presence is always with us.

The Governing body of college is led by Zafar Ahmad Ghani Sb., the eldest son of the founder secretary. He is an able, competent and active person devoted to the cause of education, and the members of G.B. have full faith in his leadership. He is a man dynamic personality commanding love, admiration and respect. He brought and endeavors to bring spectacular changes and development in our campus.

Our teachers are well–qualified, highly competent and well-versed in the art of teaching. The results of student, the academic environment and inculcation of discipline speak well of their abilities. Our teachers are products of different universities but they are one in achieving the mission and goal of its foundation. I am proud of my teachers who believe that the aim of education must be building up a sound moral character.

The members of our non-teaching staff are also dedicated to the interest of the college and are sincere in their duties. Their services are assets for us. I am highly grateful to them for their devotion and sincerity.

Ours is a Muslim Minority College based on language and religion as declared by the Government of Bihar but it is surprising that it maintains secular credentials in letter and sprits from the very beginning, and the universities honestly appreciated its secular trends. Students of different castes and creeds, religions and languages, region and sex get their education without any prejudice and discrimination. Our students are highly discipline and cultured and have a keen sense of respect for their gurus and other members of the college family. 

Our college has a huge campus with big buildings consisting of a large number of halls and class rooms, well-equipped laboratories, a rich library, different sections of technical and vocational educations. There are also a big play ground, NCC unit, NSS units and a canteen, too. There is a women- hostel in the college campus also.

As a principal I feel elevated, glorified and honoured that I am leader of this highly dignified team. I am thankful to the Governing Body that reposed faith in me. I pledge to fulfill the aims and ambitions of its foundation, and institution that started in August 1971.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Dr. Asad  Hasan


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