Late M.N. Ahmad Ghani, a noted philanthropist established the A.G. M. Trust in the year 1971 in the fond memory of his father Late Maulvi Mohammad Abdul Ghani, ex-member of the Central Assembly, whose dream was emancipation of the downtrodden and underprivileged masses and who firmly believed that education alone was the most appropriate and effective means for completing this gargantuan task. The fervor and intensity of his dedication would be well demonstrated from the fact that initially the trust started functioning from his own house and subsequently, the Z.A. Islamia College was founded under his able guidance and leadership.

Z. A. Islamia College , which started functioning as an affiliated college under the erstwhile Bihar University attained incredible heights towards fulfillment of dreams of its founding father. In no time, the college became an important centre of learning for the people belonging to the region around Siwan, which predominantly comprised of uneducated and underprivileged masses. The basic aim of this institution was development of the human resource of the region, which was economically backward and geographically isolated. One of the important aims and objectives of this College was also spread of education amongst the minority communities. But suddenly, as a bolt from the blue the founding father of the institution left for his heavenly abode in 1998 leaving the College amidst insuperable grief and mourning. In these difficult times, Mr. Zafar Ahmad Ghani, son of Late M.N. Ahmad Ghani accepted the challenge of fate and assumed the responsibilities of the administration and management of the College by accepting the office of the Secretary of the College.

In furtherance of the dreams of his deceased father, Mr. Zafar Ahmad Ghani did not leave a single stone unturned towards achieving the objects and goals of development of the region in and around Siwan, which despite having a rich cultural heritage and natural resources with fertile stretches of lands, lags far behind the rest of the country mainly due to poverty and lack of skilled and educated persons which is indispensable for optimum utilization of the available resources. In order to curtail these evils and as an endeavour towards achieving the goal of adequately equipping the human resources of this region to overcome these shortcomings, the College has made earnest endeavours in exploiting all its resources with the aid and support of a dedicated team of 85 qualified teachers who are committed to contribute towards fulfillment of these goals. In addition to the regular and traditional courses in the Science, Arts and Commerce streams till the UG level, the College is the pioneer in the field of offering a wide gamut of vocational and career-oriented programmes/courses to choose from which include:

1. Fashion Designing
2. Tourism & Travel management
3. Computer Application
4. Biotechnology

The significance and importance of these course in the present times cannot be undermined. To excel at regional, national and even international levels as a professions, the aforesaid courses play a very important role in shaping the future prospects of the students of the college.

Z. A. Islamia College is a role model for not only for the institutions situated in this region but also on a larger scale with its spacious and pollution free campus having administrative building, hostels, well equipped and furnished laboratories, canteen, playground, etc. The facilities of library and book bank, scholarship, pure drinking water, career guidance cell, health care and other support services offered to the students do not have a match.

The excellence of the faculty may be well ascertained on the basis of the very fact that amongst the most efficient and dedicated team of meritorious teaching staff altogether 45 of them are Ph.D. holders. Supported by this work force, the College offers honours courses in almost all the customary subjects in the Arts, Commerce and Science streams and in total, has nineteen departments. The outcome of the quality teaching is often manifested by brilliant result of the students in different University examinations.

The contribution of the college is not merely confined in academics. Its presence is marked in the fields of art, literature, music, drama, games and sports etc. A number of its present and former teachers and students have earned fame for their notable achievements in their fields. In order to ensure facilitation of extra and co-curricular activities departmental forums and organizations like the student union, N.C.C., N.S.S. etc. are formed for the students. The college has developed the philosophy of its obligation towards the society and arouses the students to meet it through above activities and through value based education.

The contribution of the college towards development of human resource in the region is well appreciated by society as well as by the U.G.C. and other organizations. It therefore, receives occasional financial assistance from such organizations for academic and infrastructure development.

On account of its commendable performance for over three decades, the college is also declared as authorized centre for the promotion of Urdu language by the NCPUL under the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Govt. of India. Introspection and assessment are considered to be essential and integral parts of the comprehensive institutional policy followed by our College. It is instrumental not only to find the drawbacks and weaknesses but also to realize our strengths. It provides us with the opportunity to have a critical and perusal look into the matters concerning the college and to undertake measures of rectification and renovation of plan and policy to attain its goals. Moreover, the realization about our strength can boost self-confidence and encourages us to work with more dedication. At the same time it also reminds us to take appropriate steps in order to harness all the facilities and resources to the maximum possible extent.

Indispensable participation of students are seen with enthusiastic vigor to promote the academic and cultural activities. Various awards have been obtained by the students of this college by participating in youth festivals. College magazine is published by the institution in which participation of students in the form of creative articles are encouraged. The college is proud of the cadets of N.C.C. and N.S.S. Project like Social Service, literacy and Cleanliness are being completed every year by organizing N.S.S. camps in different locations.. Students have also earned prestigious honour by taking active part in various activities of Sports at University and State level. The College students have also created a healthy environment of academic nature by taking active part in seminars, symposia and workshops organized at college. . Meritorious performance of students has also been observed in university exams every year which is an indicator of academic achievement.

More than 28000 Books and some important and relevant Journals and Periodicals are available in the college library. Immense help has been given by the U.G.C. New Delhi during 8th ,9th & 10th plan period. A good Library, lecturer Halls, Hostel building, books, equipments etc are made available with the assistance of U.G.C. schemes. Computer Application as a subject at U.G. levels in Science faculty are also being run with its own financial fund. Need based Furniture’s, Hostel, Laboratory, Books, Equipments and Electrifications etc have been managed by college funds of the institution. University Grants Commission has recognized this institution under 2f and 12B.

Study Centre for
1. Punjab Technical University,
2. Mulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad,
3. Maulana Mazharul Haque University, Patna

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