India is situated in the northern sphere of the earth in Asia continent. The state Bihar is situated in the northern part of the country. Siwan is a district of Bihar state as well.
Z. A. Islamia College is situated at the south east side of the head office of siwan. The College was established in 1971. In the beginning, the college ran near Islamia High School.Later on, it was shifted to its own building near Siswan Dhala of the Railway Station due to the increasing strength of students. Since that time, the college has been running regularly on the path of progress. Now the college has got its own splendid building as well as a vast playground. The place where the college is established comes under the low land area of the town.


The area of  the college measures 97,200 square feet. It is square in shape. The track of  middle eastern railway works as boundary in the north where on the un pitched road coming out from siwan-siswan PWD road works as a southern boundry.There is siwan-siswan PWD road in the west as well as a vast land of Chaur area in the east. The name of Chaur clarifies itself that the particular land scope comes under low land area and water reservoir. 


The longitudinal extension of Z.A.I.College  is nearly 84 Degree east and latitudinal extension is nearly 25 degree north and the altitude is 52.2 m ( from sea level).


The landscape has monsoonic climate. There are chiefly three seasons-winter, summer and rain. Its average temperature is 32.2 degree Celsius and the average of rainfall is 96 m. the area falls under subtropical zone that causes cold waves in winter and hot winds (loo) in summer, which are quite painful. Sometimes many persons lose their lives due to cold waves in winter and loo in summer  .Its area is less polluted comparatively as it falls under open area. The vast land of Chaur in its east keeps the atmosphere of the college fresh and clean.


The landscape has alluvial soil. Since, it is the northern part of the country , it has been made by the GANGA river. There are sedimentary rocks here.


The scattered settlements towards south east and west as work as screen of the splendid building of the college. The double storied scientific building standing in the western boundary from the north to to south, which consists of 18 Labs and classes, in which the vocational classes besides the general classes run there. In the series of building , there are library and common rooms in the south. The old building of the college forms series proceeding in front, the chamber of principal lies in one half of the building towards west where as the extension branch of the counter of the bank of India lies in the east of the gate, six big halls and two rooms describe the pass history of the college.  

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